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About Increase Your Pension


The Financial Services industry changed hugely at the turn of 2013 with the introduction of the Retail Distribution Review (RDR).

The RDR has done two things – it has meant a large reduction in the number of financial advisers who are able to help the public and it has also meant that a large number of people in the mass market sector – over 5.5million according to recent studies – will not receive advice going forward, mainly because a number of banks and building societies have pulled out of the advice market.


We're here to help!

Increase Your Pension is a website designed to educate the public about pensions, and to help them get the most out of their pension fund.

We are dedicated to showing you both why and how  you might increase your pension. We are committed to helping you get more from your current position, regardless of where you are at the moment. We do not lose sight that this is your money, your retirement and the value we can help you get from boosting what you get back in return or income from your pension plans.

Why would you want to increase your pension?

Simple, because it is your money. It is not the pension company’s money; it is not your adviser’s money. It is your money and the more you increase it where possible – the more you benefit.

If you are saving toward retirement and you can increase the return (subject to suitability), the more you will build the pot available for income in your retirement. The extra percentage returns you can get add up, even a few extra percent per year over a long period will potentially accumulate to a big difference.

You could achieve this by having a concentrated strategy and through careful planning, the extra focus that you can apply costs nothing more but might be worth a great deal.

If you are at the point where you are about to retire, if you can increase your income this is more income for you to enjoy and spend in retirement. This could be achieved by a careful appraisal of exactly how you can take your income, finding the most suitable income options and ensuring you maximise the income available where appropriate.

If you are already in retirement and currently drawing an income there could be ways of boosting your income further, there may well be options available and, again, this is to your benefit.



What we offer

Regularly reviewing you Pension is extremely important, as it could lead to an increased Pension fund. With this in mind, Increase Your Pension offer FREE Pension Reviews.

We are also very passionate believers that everyone deserves the right to know ALL of their Retirement Income Options. Annuity rates are at an all-time low (see The Annuity Trap) but despite this roughly 40,000 people a month still buy them! Why? Because they don't know all their options. There could be options better suited to meet your individual needs.

We offer FREE Retirement Options Reports - all you have to do is get in touch!

Please note, initial Pension Report/advice is free currently, but if we transact any product for you there will be a fee payable. This fee will be disclosed to you in advance of you acting, and this can be paid from your product or by you directly.

On the site you will also find a great selection of free Pension resources to help you increase your pension knowledge - guides, blogs, articles, videos and more!

Please note that the guidance and/or advice contained in this website is subject to UK regulatory regime and is therefore restricted to consumers based in the UK.


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