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Pension Fund Report and Research

““Do Not Judge a Book by its Cover”

This report looks at UK pension funds and investigates whether performance is all it’s cracked up to be. For example, if you – as a pension investor – want to judge how good a fund is, should you be looking at its performance record? Should you consider this as the only ‘metric’ – how reliable is this? And are there other metrics which may be relevant, possibly even more relevant?

If there are other metrics (which there are!) then what are they, how important are they and how can you assess them?

Is it the case that by looking at these other metrics, the picture changes? Can funds which look good start to fall down on these other measurements?

And finally, dare we even consider it, does any of this provide any clue as to what we might expect from funds in the future? Is there any hint that this information may have some predictive powers?

We also provide a fund manager by fund manager list of good and bad, based on how well their funds have done when you look at these wider metrics, not just at performance.

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